Corruption In Vermont


July 29, 2008 UPDATED

The redacted case in Vermont

UPDATED per “Contempt of Court” THREAT of JAIL for redacted from the BLACK BOOT THUGS.  Even the LAST NAME of the kidnapped child’s family can no longer be publicized.  

“Truth never envelops itself in mystery, and the mystery in which it is at any time enveloped is the work of its antagonist, and never of itself.” — Thomas Paine  (1737-1809)

The Vermont kidnappers are citing the child’s  “confidentiality” as if that in his “Best Interest“-  Saying the child “doesn’t need to grow up with the whole world knowing what went wrong in his life”.

Frankly, the child’s REAL “Best Interest’ would be for the WORLD to know what CPS has done to him and his family.   

What went “wrong” in the child’s life IS CPS.

NOTE:  The agency certainly publishes pictures of the Legal Orphans AND their first names at the KIDDIE POUND-  (scroll to the bottom of that screen).  “Confidentiality” is a FARCE, isn’t it?  The only confidentiality they really care about is keeping the public from knowing the kid was KIDNAPPED for NO REASON or PHONY REASONS, and DCF certainly did NOT do any such thing as “Reasonable Efforts” to keep the child in his home.  

They are violating the CHILD’s FOURTH AMENDMENT RIGHT to “be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, SHALL NOT be violated”.  Especially for anonymous Hot Line calls and vague allegations.

This makes CPS people everywhere guilty of TREASON against the Constitution of the United States of America and violations of a multitude of U.S. Code several of which are Capital Offenses.  But who cares?  The Constitution is dead.  American Liberty is dead.  Fascism rules.  WHO CARES?

The redacted family’s situation is just one of thousands suffering under the pandemic plague of Federal Adoption Assistance funding streams. A mere appeal to a state supreme court does little to clean up the contagion of malfeasance, fraud, and corruption in every westernized country in the world.

We are informed that the Vermont thugs consider AFRA an “anti-liberal” website.  Yes, we are.  The word “Liberal” is merely a modern synonym for COMMUNIST, which is CORRUPTION and treason against and repugnant to the Constitution of the United States. 

If you are planning a sight-seeing trip to Vermont, may we suggest “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire instead?  If you do business with Vermont, we suggest you take your business elsewhere.  If you have a Vermont business, may we suggest moving your business OUT OF VERMONT?  If you are a resident of Vermont, may we suggest you FLEE THE STATE with your kids, while you still have them?  If you are in any position to financially punish VERMONT, we encourage you to do that.  If you are with the FBI, here’s a state full of Public Corruption to go after.  We would LOVE to see a bunch of malfeasant CPS people, their colluding contractors, and judges in PRISON.  If you are with the OMB, Vermont is a grand place to look for Wasteful Programs


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