The Real Story On What Happend With Corrupt DCF



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The Story of the Redacted Family in Vermont


In the beginning

On or about September 14, 2006 Redacted‘s son was hit in the head with a full bottle of water thrown from behind him on the school bus(Yes, this is what started this entire mess. Long lost and forgotten about)

Redacted‘s son came home rubbing his head with a large lump on his head.  When he got off the bus, Father asked his son why he was rubbing his head. He said that he was hit with a bottle- The same bottle that rolled down the steps when he got off the bus. 

Father asked him if he knew who threw it and he said he didn’t know. The next morning, Father spoke to the bus driver about it.  The bus driver said “It’s the dammy high school kids.  The town wants to save money by picking up all the kids in one trip because of the price of gas”. 

The bus driver also said that he knew that Father‘s son was hit with a bottle, but did not know who threw it. The bus driver told Father to call the school and let Redacted (Asst. principal) know. Father did call the school and talked to Principal

Principal told Father that there was nothing he could do, because the bus driver and Father‘s son had no idea who threw the bottle. 

About three days later, Father received a call from the school nurse saying that they needed the boy’s immunization records.

The boy’s shots where not up to date. She asked why and Father told her that his son became very sick the last time he got the shots. She said that he must have them, that it is Vermont state law, and he will not be allowed back in the school with out the shots. Father told the school nurse that he would contact the boy’s doctor in PA (where they are from) to get his shot records. The boy had the minimum shots required to go to school. Then the school nurse said that was not good enough- “I want all the shots to be up to date, not just the minimum that he needs for school”.

Father then spoke to Redacted, his son’s  teacher.  She said that there is no law that says that a child MUST have “all” his shots if you sign a paper from the state of Vermont. Father was then given that paper work by Teacher, which he did sign. 

Pornographic education on the School Bus

About a week later, Mother and Father were sitting at their table when their son ran by with his (Tonka) truck on the hard wood floors. Mother said “What did I tell you about the truck on the hard wood floors?” The boy responded with “SUCK #####!”  Father stopped dead in his tracks and said where did you hear that?  The boy said “On the bus from one of the big kids”. The boy went on to tell everything there was about oral sex that some person told him on the bus. He didn’t know the person’s name and he described him as having dark hair and big.

Father told him that what he said was just as bad as the ” F'” word and he was not to ever say it again. Is that understood? He said yes. And what that kid on the bus told you was all lies. No woman would ever do that- it’s just sick. 

The next morning Father called Principal at the school, and told him what had happened, and that the son will not be taking the bus as long as there is high school kids on it! “I’ll take him out of that school today and have him home schooled.” 

Principal‘s response was “My kids learn more on a bus and at school talking to friends than they do at home about sex and there is no way you can stop it. They will pick this stuff up, on a bus or in school, so just deal with it. My kids knew all about sex by 6 years old”. 

“Well not my kid”, Father said to him. He said “Well Father there is nothing more I can do for you.” 


From the clear, blue sky- a No Trespass Order

The next day, Middlebury Police showed up at Father‘s home with a No Trespass Order. It said Father was not allowed near the school because Principal said Father had threatened him


The boy officially kidnapped

On the 2nd of February, 2007, Officer Redacted showed up with about ten police officers to take Father and Mother‘s son.

Officer walked into the home without knocking on the door. The dog ran to the door and Officer said “If that dog comes near me, I’ll shoot it in the head!”.  Mother grabbed the dog and locked him in the other room. Father said “What the hell is going on here?  Who gives you the right to just walk into a mans home and say you will shoot his dog?” Officer said “I do. We have a court order to take the boy out of this house for not going to school!” 

Officer said that “You will have a hearing on Monday Feb 5th”. Father said to the officer “We did nothing wrong. Why are you doing this?”

Officer said “Because I can. And it’s in my report. And if you give me any shit, you can go to jail with your kid!”.

The 5 year old son started screaming “Why am I going to jail I did nothing wrong!” At that time Officer2  went to Officer and told him to take it easy you got this kid hysterical! 

Father then told (the boy) that he was not going to jail. Officer is just taking you to a friends house. And you will be spending some time there. Father says this is the first time that he really cried in years. When his son looked him in the eyes and said “DAD! STOP THEM! I want to stay with you and mom! You know how to fight, fight them! Fight for me. Don’t let them take me!”

All Father could say to his son was “I can’t son. There is just too many of them. And it will just make things harder for all of us.” And the son said to his dad, “But you said you would never let anything happen to me, and now they’re taking me away. And you can’t stop them.”


No food in the FULL Freezer and huge Staples storage,
 No fuel in the FULL propane tank

Officer‘s report said things like Family had no food or fuel in the house. He said that their land lord told him that. 

Just one week before Officer made this fairy tale report, Father had ALREADY HAD the propane tank filled.

Officer claimed that Family had no food because (the landlady) said she had brought 4 bags of food to them.

When asked about it, the landlady said, What I said was we were cleaning out our fridge and I asked Mother if she wanted it.” 

She also added “Why would I say anything about ‘no food’ when I know they just butchered a steer and two 500 pound pigs and gave us 40 pounds of ham steaks because Family didn’t have the room in their freezer?”

(the landlord) told Father to call Officer and tell him that he lied on that report. (the landlady) said “Don’t do that- work with that guy at the school.” (the landlord) said “I don’t care- He LIED and tell him that he did”(Honorable Americans who do not know how far gone America is- think like that)

(the landlord) also said “As for the fuel, I check that tank all the time because, I just spent $28,000 dollars in new plumbing in that house. If I thought for one minute that you didn’t have fuel in that house, I would have filled the tank myself for the simple fact that I don’t want the pipes to freeze and break.” 

When a DCF worker came to the house before the court date of Feb 5, 2007, Father showed him the receipt for the propane tank that had already been refilled before Officer kidnapped the Family‘s son.

The DCF worker that came to the house to check for food and fuel said “You have more meat than Shaws”. Family also had huge stocks of pasta and canned goods.  

Food & fuel were never brought up again from DCF or anyone else- not even the Judge.

The evidence appears to show Officer as a replete liar, motivation unknown.


So DCF just made up new lies. 

On Feb 5th Family went to court and the lawyer that Family had, said “To get your son back fast, you must plead guilty to medical neglect and truancy”.  Father  asked her “What about the shots waiver I signed? That’s not medical neglect if the state of Vermont says we didn’t have to get them?” The lawyer said “Look if you want the kid back just do anything they want and make them happy.”  Father asked So why do I need you? I can say OK ,OK,OK just as well as you can. Is this what you do with them- just give them anything they want?”  

Both Father and Mother agreed to whatever they wanted, just to get their son home. 


Boy home, Family take him to the Doctor

On Feb 13, the boy did return home. Family made a doctor’s appointment for the boy’s shots. When Family told the doctor what the story was, he said “We have a waiver for shots that you can sign that says you don’t have to give the shots if you don’t want them. And no one can order you to get them.”  

Father said, “Well this Judge did it. So just give him the shots.” And he did just that. 


Doctor says the boy’s teeth “Look Fine” on February 13, 2007

He also checked the boy from head to toe and said that he was in perfect condition. Family asked him to check his mouth and teeth. Dr. Earle said that his teeth look fine. “He is in good shape.” 

Note:  The Doctor who examined the boy, INCLUDING HIS TEETH on February 13, 2007 said “He is in good shape.” 

Family then made a dentist appointment for Aug. 2nd as the judge ordered

Family did everything and jumped through every hoop DCF wanted them to do.  

One of the things done by DCF is write a report that says one thing and another report saying something totally different.

In one report (the grim reaper) is saying two different things in the same report. She says on one page “The long term plan is for (the boy) to return home” Then in the same report it says for (the boy) “Continue to live in foster care, have supervised contact with parents, will go to school work hard, will have all medical, dental needs met and he will be a happy child”. 

Another standard swipe at Character Assassination done by  (the grim reaper) was to put in a report saying she wanted a substance abuse assessment for Father. Father has never used a drug in his life.

The boy’s court-appointed lawyer said to Mother. “I think it is time for you to choose who you want Father or your son. Because if you want to keep Father I’ll fight to keep the boy away from you and him. And the sooner you get in your head that men are only good for one thing (breeding), then you get rid of them”  

Mother said she thinks that it’s because Father went to the press and all of these state official people are trying to shut them up. 

Family were all set to go and see (the boy) at DCF on Aug 10, 2007 (his Birthday).  Mother was at work on the farm in Middlebury. Mother called Father at camp crying and said (the grim reaper) did to us again! Mother said that Father is not allowed to see (the boy). Father asked why- It’s his birthday!  She said because you  missed the meeting, and (the grim reaper) said “This should teach him not to miss my meetings!” (The grim reaper) then changed the meeting place to the court house and told the sheriff there that Father was NOT to see his son and not to let him in. 

Father got a call from the sheriff (who is a friend) saying not to come down to the court house (the grim reaper) is breaking your stones. And he also told Father to really look out for (the grim reaper). He said “I have known her for years, and I have seen her pull some stuff on people and their kids that I can’t believe she is not in jail for- or at least out of a job.” 

In their first court appearance, Father asked (the “judge”) if it would hurt the boy to Florida with Father‘s parents, Father and Mother. The judge said “I don’t think so- Just as long as DCF knows when you are going and coming back.”

Summer came and the day the boy came home from his last day of school. Family get a visit from (the grim reaper) and a pile of papers saying that, “As you can see (the boy) is enrolled in  Mary Johnson summer program three days a week from 8:am to 5:30pm.  He will be picked up by (driver) and dropped off by her.”  Mother asked what about the family trip to Florida. (The grim reaper) said “That’s out now. I am his legal guardian and I say what he does and does not.”

So (the boy) went to camp and never missed a day. 

Now, the family is planning a Reunion.  Father called his mom and dad on July 3, 2007 and told them that Florida was out because of this camp thing. Grandad said “Well there has been a change of plans there too. Your  aunts and the family are coming here to Philadelphia for the birthday and like a little reunion.”  Father said that would be great we can leave on the Aug 2nd after (the boy) gets out of camp, this way  (the boy) doesn’t miss any camp. So they planned for that day.

Father called (the grim reaper) and let her know that they will be going to PA on Aug 2, 2007. She said  “I know! (the boy) went to camp and said that he is going to see his grandmom & grandpop.”  Father said “Well is there a problem with that?” She said “No. I just wanted to see if you were going to let me know let you know or just take off.”

The next day Mother gets a call from a young nice teacher from the school/camp who knows Mother. She said “What ever you do look out for (the boy).  That (grim reaper) woman and (other DCF snake) are up to something I heard them talking about (the boy) and going to Philadelphia. (The other DCF snake) or (the grim reaper) said ‘Well I don’t think that can happen.’ So I am just giving you a heads up.” 

Mother called the teacher, and she was scared to death.  She told Mother that they heard her on the phone and she can not talk to her anymore. She said that the big boss of the camp and some other people came to talk to her and said “If you want to keep your job you will not ever talk to Mother or Father about anything again.” 

Mother ran into the teacher again around July 15, 2007 and she said “I am in so much trouble about that phone call!” Mother asked why? She said “The next day her boss came in and said that there is a problem with your contract. It’s the wrong one. We have a new one for you.” She said “I got a new contract alright. They cut my hours and it cost me $500.00 a week”. Mother said is there anything you can do? She said “Yes- Sign the new contract or quit, and not get called to sub or teach the new school year.” She also said that (the grim reaper) has people in her pocket all over the place. I can’t see any way for you to win with this kind of person.”  

The Bruise

The teacher called later from the school again only this time it was from her cell phone in a bathroom to tell Mother that (the grim reaper) did it to us again.  That (the grim reaper) said she got a report that (the boy) had a bruise on his leg that looked like fingers. (Supervisor) asked (the boy) what happened? (the boy) said “I fell off my bike.” (Now when (the boy) fell off his bike, there where about 5 of our neighbors standing there) But (Supervisor) D.C.F said they accepted that report from (the boy).  

When (the grim reaper) got wind of this, she sent (another DCF flunkey) out to the camp/ School to look into things.

Within minutes of her speaking to (the boy) she had him taken from camp and in a foster home. 

A Vermont state trooper and (another DCF flunkey) sat Father down and told him that they took his son again. Father asked “Why now?” She told him about the bruise.  Father said “Did you ask him what happened?” She said yes. Father asked “Well what did he say?” She said (the boy) said nothing. Now here is three different people with three different stories. Now you have the teacher said what happened was the bike(Another DCF flunkey) said “He just said nothing”.  

Now (the grim reaper) lies in her reports and she just doesn’t finish the story because it leaves her open to be caught in that lie. Like this report she wrote “(the boy) told a teacher that he fell from his bike. (DCF flunkey) was called to investigate. (DCF flunkey) was told a different story on how (the boy) got to be bruised.”

Any normal person would finish the report. But she knows that there is a kid out there that will tell the truth, and that would catch her in that lie. It’s like reading a 400 page book, getting to the end and finding out there is 4 pages missing. 

Then they took him to the “ER” where 2 doctors looked at the mark and said that this was NOT a hand print. The doctor’s report says DCF asked several times for the doc to say it was a hand print or it could be. 

Then DCF took (the boy) to a private doctor, and then two more doctors.  All of them said that it was not a hand print. The doctors again were asked by DCF (grim reaper) to place that “It was a hand print” in the report. The 2 more doctors said “No, the boy said he hit his leg on his bike pedal”. 

DCF (grim reaper’s) report to the JUDGE says that (the boy) has an obvious hand print on the leg. And the Dr said so! 

After the lawyers tried to get the Doctor’s report from the doctor’s offices and DCF, DCF had the Attorney General seal all of them until after the TPRFamily‘s lawyers went to court to get the reports 3 times to get DCF to give them up. 

Then after the DR report was given to Family, DCF sent them a letter saying that (YOU WILL LOVE THIS) The charge of abuse was being dropped! BUT! We are still doing our investigation so we cannot let (the boy) come home.

On July 20, 2007, Family had a meeting to find out when they could get their son back. Father told the Director of DCF that Family had done NOTHING to that boy and had given them 12 people to talk to- that see (the boy) and play with them. Not one of them where called. (DCF flunkey) said she called two people on the list and got no answer. This is a bald-faced lie. One of the people on the list is in that campground all the time and has an voice mail & caller ID. The other person has a cell phone with them all the time– also with voice mail and caller ID.

Father stressed to the director of DCF how important that trip to see his grandmom & Grandfather was to (the boy) and grandparents. 

Father called his dad and said “I don’t think Ill make the trip on the 2nd”. Father‘s dad said to please try your very best Your mother really wants to see (the boy) and you soon. 

Father called his lawyer countless times. She never calls back. This was Aug 15, 2007.  Father called his mom and dad to let them know “I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. This woman from DCF is just tearing us apart up here.” 

Father‘s dad said-

Father I really wish you made it here with (the boy)I don’t want to have to tell you this, but your mom died on Aug 9, 2007. All she wanted is for the family to be together one last time.”

Father‘s father said “Your mother didn’t want you to know that she had stage 4 cancer, because of all the stress from DCF, and driving all that way with (the boy) & Mother in the car. I gave her my word that I wouldn’t tell you.”

So after 4 weeks (grim reaper) takes (the boy) to HER Family Dentist.

(The grim reaper) files a medical neglect for 4 Cavities And 16 teeth to be cleaned. (Please refer back up the page to “Doctor says the boy’s teeth “Look Fine” on February 13, 2007″

For this they went to TPR and took the boy.

More to be added later…


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