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Please Sign Here To Help Stop The Corrupt DCF Social Workers And Corrupt Courts

Please Sign Here To Help Stop The Corrupt DCF Social Workers And Corrupt Courts


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  1. I am writing in regards to my brother James and his wife Susie regarding the custody of their daughter Jennifer. I believe they are being discriminated against because of their disability and the state of Vermont taking their children from their custody because of their disability in which they are capable of being parents. Here’s our discrimination complaint:

    Eliminating custody of children and not returning custody because of disability. I am James Bongiorno’s sister. My brother and his wife Susie are considered slow, or educationally challenged. They are legally disabled but don’t collect financially because they are employed. This is rather a long story but we need your help to address this matter immediately. Attached will be additional pages.

    In 1991, my brother and his wife lived in the town of Winooski, VT. They had three children: Lisa, Elizabeth, Jimmy, and she was pregnant with Ricky. My brother called the Department of Children and Families to see if they could come over to give their advice on safety proofing his home. And they did send someone over. The department was visiting off and on approximately a month when we called my brother to tell him that our dad was dying from cancer and he needed to come home right away. James asked the DCF if they could look in on his family because he had to go to Pennsylvania to be with his family regarding his dad. Well the DCF continued to send a young just out of college social worker once a week to read and guide their parenting skills. In fact, my brother would call my mom to tell her how nice it was that they would visit and read to the children. The visitations continued. On December 3, 1993 my brother and his family planned on moving to live in Pennsylvania close to us. We were happy because we knew that they needed some help raising these children and we would be able to help out. On the 3rd. of December he called DCF to tell them that they didn’t need to send a social worker any more because they were moving to Pennsylvania. DCF immediately got an emergency order and came and took his children from them. My mother, their grandmother and I went to Vermont a few months later to get custody transferred to Pennsylvania. DCF claimed the following accusations. A few instances did occur that should of been prevented but accidents do happen. Especially with handling four children. My niece Elizabeth leaned against a grill and grazed her leg. My brother applied burn cream in which was suppose to be for adults and my brother didn’t know that. And when Elizabeth went to day care they reported DCF because they noticed the mark because it was infected. Another reason was that the two boys wandered off about a couple houses down and the police brought them back to the house. Susie was going to the bathroom and the boys opened the sliding glass door. And walked down the sidewalk. Another reason they listed is that my nephew Jimmy tried climbing up the stove to reach some candy that was in the cabinet above the stove, the stove was off but it was still hot and he was burned on both hands. My brother took him to the burn center at the hospital. Susie was changing Ricky’s diaper in the other room when it occurred. The DCF accused them of bare disease, It suppose to cause diarrhea. They tried saying the children didn’t have their shots. All the children’s shots were updated except the ones that were not due yet. The children suffered ear infections. My brother took the children to the doctors when they needed care.

    In 1992 an incident happen to my niece Elizabeth. My brother and his wife took Ricky to the hospital because of a high fever. Our cousin whom was male was in charge of watching over the rest of the children. The following day after school when Elizabeth came home she told my brother that her pee pee was hurting, and she told my brother that Kerry, the cousin whom watched her the night before had touched her pee pee. My brother immediately took her to the hospital, Dr. White examined her, two social workers talked to my brother and his wife (standard procedure), and that evening my brother had Kerry arrested for molesting his child. DCF tried to say that my brother ignored it, that Elizabeth went to the school nurse, and that they took her to the hospital. That is not true at all. Susie went to the school the next day to speak to the guidance councilor to inform them of the situation and to watch for signs of Elizabeth acting up in school. My brother and his wife took Elizabeth to behavior therapy, never missed a week and completed therapy. Elizabeth has been fine and is a beautiful young woman and has decided to refrain from sex until she gets married.

    My brother and his wife was given years of the run around regarding trying to get their children back. Pennsylvania was involved when they moved here. Jimmy and Susie had completed all the parenting classes and therapy sessions that was asked, but was never given a chance to regain custody. Through the years they would visit them as much as they could. But fighting the courts has cost them everything. They went through bankruptcy and lost their home as of recently. My brother owes $43,000 in child support. He believes his children were stolen from him. Their disability and understanding to trust others has changed. They did everything that was asked from the courts. About four years ago the courts called and asked my mom if she thought that they should get custody back, but my mother told them she felt that is was too late, that the children whom a couple are adults now, are established with school and church. The youngest Ricky is seventeen now. The children love their parents. My brother and his wife love their children always did, just needed some guidance.

    Now in December of 2006, Susie had another baby, named Jennifer. Lisa her oldest daughter flew up Vermont to be with them when they had here. A few months earlier James told my mom that DCF was checking in on Susie’s doctors appointments. My mother warned them to send Susie down to Pennsylvania to have that baby. But my brother whom didn’t think to unthinkable would occur, stayed and had they delivered on December 18, 2006. January 3rd. DCF came to the house to check in on things. Then on January 10th, my niece, Lisa was on her way to the airport when DCF called my brother and told him that he had to come to the courthouse, and bring Susie and the baby. My brother decided to go himself, they informed him to bring the baby to the police station or they would get arrested. And they set him up with a hearing. Told him that he would get the baby back in ten days because the home was in need of cleaning and items needed to be picked up off floor. James cleaned up the house to make it safe for a young baby. Went to court then they said because my brother had renters in another part of the house that a criminal check was made and one of the renters was a sex offender, and James and Susie couldn’t get the baby back until he was removed from the house. The tenant as far as my brother knew got in trouble for dating someone under age. When he moved in as a renter my brother didn’t have any children in the house. The courts informed him he wouldn’t get the baby until the tenant was removed; in thirty days. James made him move out. Thirty days later the judge left to another court, and another judge presided. Even though my brother did what the court was asking, the DCF filed a DPR-Determined Parent Rights . James explained to the second judge that the first judge said that he would get the baby back if that tenant was removed within thirty days. The second judge granted the DPR to go forward. James and Susie had visitations three days a week, two hours a day. James had some difficulties because of work and missed some visitations but requested to change hours and they refused to do so. A court hearing for DPR was held on May 9, 12th, and 13th. The DCF used that against him, not going to visitations at times because of work. My brother and his wife had a young social worker from Easter Seals to instruct them in child care needs, such as what you should have to take care of the baby, and how to care for the baby. She would instruct on some of their visits. She testified that the baby would cry and that they couldn’t sooth her, mean while the baby was teething at times, and also was always sick with runny eyes and noses. This parent educator said at court that they were unable to educate. Through out this process my brother and his wife were evaluated by a psychologist, took parenting classes in Vermont and Pennsylvania and have certificates that they have passed. Why make them take classes, pass them, then your telling them they still failed. This is the picture of what really is going on. They took Jennifer and placed her with a family that wanted to adopt. Kept her there for over two years. And the so called foster parents testified at court that they want her. In Pennsylvania, Children and Youth could not believe that they placed her with the same couple, didn’t move her to prevent attachment, and to a couple that wants to adopt. They planned this from the beginning. In fact, after they took Jennifer, I talked to a gentlemen at the DCF and he explained that they took because of the previous case. They have been giving him the run around since this happened. I talked to a Amy from ACH, because she is at the federal level and told her the entire story and they are going to check if the state of Vermont broke any of the federal regulations, she asked me if Vermont contacted us regarding the custody or even when they took her, to see if we wanted custody, and they did not. I was told by my brothers public defender because he couldn’t afford any more attorneys, that it was too late for me to step in for custody. I didn’t step in because they kept telling my brother he was getting her back. I told the judge in May that we are family, that Jennifer has two brothers and two sisters that want to be in her life, that we would like to be guardian appointed for Jennifer, move this case to Pennsylvania so that my brother can regain custody and get the assistance that he and his wife needs. There is no understanding of my brother and his wife’s disability. They are pushing them off as bad parents. They had no right to take Jennifer. I would not be surprised if this foster couple didn’t give the state monetary funding for this baby. The baby was only five months old I believe and they were allowed to take her to Florida to Disney World. As of Monday December 8th, the judge after months since the hearing gave his decision. They called my brother on the telephone to tell him that he lost his parental rights! That is ridiculous! I am so upset and angry that people can be so cold. My brother has right to only one appeal after 6 months. Then the foster couple can legally adopt her. Jennifer is part of our family. We come from a respected family in Pennsylvania. My brother and he wife doesn’t deserve what was done to them. He has lost everything and the state of Vermont is responsible for this and should return his child to him, not to mention my brother should be compensated for all the emotional pain that was caused by the past and on going current events. You can’t take children away because they are different. I must say the only thing that my brother and his wife need to work on is that they are not the cleanest people in the world. But they can work on that. Please do something. Family is about love, yes that foster couple is financially stable, my brother lost stability paying for all the legal fees to the lawyers all these years.. What will happen in this economic depression that our country is about to go through, are we going to start taking children away? This is a civil case that definitely needs addressed. I am planning to go nation wide with this case, and send this letter to the media. Check out the past in regards to Vermont DCF taking children away from families without just cause. There is past law suits of the children suing the state when they turned 18 years of age. One family lost custody because they were temporary living in there barn while there house was getting renovated. You get these social workers fresh out of college that want to impress there agency by scoring points by exaggerating these accusations.

    Please look into this, we only have six months until the next appeal hearing. This should be federally investigated. Contact me if you need to meet with my brother and his wife. Listed below is his phone number. Thank you.

    Stacey Wolfe

    James and Susie Bongiorno

  2. they took my neices babies away and she was CLEAN AND SOBER
    that is so wrong

  3. they took my neices babies away and she was clean and sober and is a good mother

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