Thousands Dead And The Numbers Keep Going Up!


“If we stuck to the Constitution as 
we would have…”
Instead of this-


They are stealing every dime we, our kids, grand- children, and our great- grandchildren can make over the next 100 years.

And they are stealing our kids to collect the “Federal Funding Streams”, which is also stolen money.  

These “government and dope-raised” children the government has stolen cannot function or produce as adults, only consume. 

It’s deliberate, as is the DUMBING DOWN of America, so people don’t even know their Constitutional Rights or what being an American WAS.

They are using the stolen money to destroy our families, sabotage and sell out our liberty, freedom, civilization, culture, and Sovereignty.

When will enough people get PISSED OFF enough to

Throw the BUMS out!


5 responses to “Thousands Dead And The Numbers Keep Going Up!

  1. Stephen Fortin, Sr.

    in some ways you have valid points but the ones about children being stolen , it might happen to a very few but alot of these kids would be better off in a jail instead of staying in the enviroment that they are in right now. i dont know if you see where the kids live in filth and rat infested homes while the parents do thier drugs and alcohol and i am sure sex. it is hard to believe but it even happens up here in small town vt and everbody in town knows which ones they are and it dont have to be a poor family either. the people with money are able to hide it more than poor people. i have a million thoughts on this but i will sit back and read others comments now i started it and hope others share thier thoughts.
    thanks steve- small town vt

  2. Stephen Fortin, Sr.

    i had to look up the word “kleptocracy” so i had a clue off what it meant. maybe for people like me you could put a little and quick description of it under the word.
    thanks steve small town vt “STV”

  3. Hello “STV”
    If you click on the word “kleptocracy” it is a (link) That gives the definition. But ill note that it is a link.. Sorry I missed that.
    Thank you very much for posting.

  4. It's Legalized Child Abduction

    About 6 weeks after my husband and I met in Feb of 2009, his ex came forward claiming to be pregnant. She is has a history of drug use and lost the baby at birth to DCF. DCF took 4 months to prove paternity. The baby was promised to the adoptive foster family and is still in custody at 18 months old. Now the case is moving to TPR despite our exhausting attempts to bring her home to her dad and I and my two children. There is absolutely NO Reason that this child should not have been placed with us at the very moment her mother gave up the Fight.
    This is LEGALIZED CHILD ABDUCTION! Here are some of the examples of violations DCF has made to my husband and his daughter’s basic human right to be treated with respect and dignity.
     DCF has NOT been working toward reunification. From the beginning they have promised my step- daughter to the foster family.
     DCF has restricted home visits to the downstairs only in my home, stating that I was “Not to get to comfortable” “She’s not your’s yet”
     Lisa Johnson of Burlington DCF told my husband that he was responsible for his daughter having had 14 ear infections within a period of 9 months because he “knowingly impregnated a known drug addict”.
     DCF has informed me that my husband that he is not to refer to myself as “daddy” to his baby girl because it confuses her; she apparently calls her Foster Father “Daddy”.
     Lisa Johnson has stated to me that I am nothing more than a playmate to my daughter and that when she see’s me that she is more interested in the room that we visit in, her toys or our pets than in me.
     DCF has not informed me of my daughter’s doctor’s appointments as ordered by the court.
     DCF has restricted me from having all of the home visits ordered by the court. On 8 different occasions DCF has demanded that if I wanted to see my daughter on that I would have to go to DCF to see her.
     DCF threatened me that if I did not “Bond with my daughter with in 15 minutes of our visit that they would take her and leave”.
     Lisa Johnson has repeatedly defamed my character to my health care providers, Easter Seals, DCF Contracted workers, the foster parents, and the courts by feeding them lies with the intent to assassinate my husband’s character.
     Lisa Johnson of DCF has an overall demeaning tone with my husband; she raised her voice and belittles him in an attempt to provoke anger. She thinks that she can push this very gentile man to a breaking point so that she can claim that he has anger management issues and then claim that he is a danger to his child.
     The only thing that DCF has to hold against us is the amount of time which has passed, allowing his daughter to bond with the foster family. DCF has intentionally dragged this case out knowing that time was on their side and not on ours. I think we should all get together and file a class action suite against the state of Vermont. Maybe Dateline NBC would like to lead the way in this investigation.

  5. I just want to state right off that I am NOT the Lisa Johnson stated in this report, in fact my husband and I are trying to sue the state of VT for illegally taking our children and are looking for parents who will stand up and fight with us or at least lead us to some good lawyers…. thank in advance.

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