Request To DCF To Prove There Not Corrupt!


Corrupt DCF Kidnappers, At this joyful time of year! I hope this offer finds you sick as a dog. But I have a request to all of the corrupt DCF workers that where involved in the kidnapping of my son “DW” Case.

My Request is simply this. That ALL the DCF workers that where involved in the case of “DW” Submit to a polygraph test!

This is a simple test that I will pay for, And that I know that these people will Fail!

So this request goes out to; Addison & Rutland Co. Vermont DCF Social Workers.
1 Andrea R Grimm 
2 Charles Tatro
3 Brenda Gooley
4 Susan Eisenstad
5 Lara Knowels
6 Shanna mead
7 Katana Ready
8 Cathy Vincent
9 Carol Johnson
10 Jean Stone
11 Steve Dale, Commissioner DCF 
So DCF Social Workers!! What’s it going to be? If you went 100% By the book, then you have NOTHING to hide! If you say your not corrupt, then take the test. If you think you are helping family’s. Then take the test! If you DID NOT Commit any wrong doing in the taking of my son and other children, THEN TAKE THE TEST!!!





I am sure all the people in the world would like to know if you pass!





12 responses to “Request To DCF To Prove There Not Corrupt!

  1. Charles & Jeannie

    For clarification, spelling Katina Francis-Ready DA’s office and Cathy Vincent is Gaudian Ad Litem (she was very helpful to us thankfully-she comes from a good Vt farm family and knows the true meaning of FAMILY!) However, I would like to add the name of addition corrupt DCF workers in the Middlebury District: Ginny Shaw-Wilson and SW Emily Allard!!!


    • Hi, My name is Steve, & i am going through the same h–l! NO ONE, & I MEAN NO-ONE WILL HELP ME. Even my lawyer has tried to bag out. Disability of vt. were going to help, until my lawyer told them not to show up. I cannot even find a social worker! Hey, i was denied medical care for 3 months, & i have full coverage! I emailed an old attorney, & offered her my 2 houses! hope to hear from her today? DCF, TRIES TO MAKE U CRACK!, That didnt work, so we went to court, & the judge said DCF, NEED NOT BE INVOLVED anymore. I thought that was good, until, later, i found out, i was to never be able to see my baby again?!!! Now since i complained, there has been a status conference planned, but that was cancelled for the 3rd time in 2-3 weeks? I dont know when the next one is going to be. I do know, i have not seen my baby close to 6 months now, because of DCF, & STACEY BRICKEL,S FAKE REPORT. I HAVE EVERYTHING ON , OR SAVED IN EMAILS.I was the good father, there was no mom. I took care of my baby 24-7, & she ends up with her, & never knew she was seeing another man a year before!

  3. Add Windsor and Windham County DCF workers, lots of corruption there. They have a mom who is mentally ill several hospitalizations, records of violence, admitted to her doc that she tried to kill her husband twice and that he’d never hurt her or the kids. But if he left her she’d make his life hell. Thanks to those self-righteous prigs she’s done a good job. Mom has admitted she mixed doses of prozac in one bottle the morning her oldest son committed suicide. He had been saying for a week he was going to do it, the meds were bothering him. She didn’t answer him for 45 minutes when he called her that am for help downstairs Oh and she gave him control of his own anti-depression meds. DCF has this all in their records, no charges were pressed against her and they still think that she is a good mother and should have the kids. While dad who has no records, a decorated veteran who has multiple awards for his counseling work, was on the governors counsel in VT at Jim Douglases request. Loves his children, has had a steady job, highly educated and DCF said he’s violent because mom said so. DCF themselves did an investigation against him and said it was unfounded and Windsor court would not file charges as mom had influenced the kids. Now DCF sees that mom is not doing well again and if they don’t go to mom then they should be put up for adoption. NH DCF did two home inspections and said that dad’s a good guy and good kids house, VT DCF ignored their report. Just as they ignored the evaluation done by a forensic evaluator, licensed for specifically family forensic evaluations who says she’s crazy, give the children to dad he’s good with them. Yeah there is alot of corruption in DCF in Windsor and Winham counties. As for their GAL’s I have been there when they were around and they still bold face lied about what they saw. Or became friends with mom and took an instant dislike to dad without having met him, say that, but still the court thinks they do a good job. I find them to be nothing but buddies to the DCF workers along with anyone they seem to hire for their reports. No one in those departments can do their job in a professional capacity nor do they think of the children first. It’s sad, one child is dead already because of them, mom got off and the 3 surviving who knows if they will survive this DCF doesn’t care. Springfield PD didn’t go into the house to investigate the one childs death until 3 weeks after he died. Yep no corruption there either. It’s so sad that Vermont does not really have any office that cares for children actually working for the benefit of the child. Everyone is so bitter and cynical. It has to stop before another child dies. Anyone have any ideas? None of the politicians will help as they’ve all been contacted and proved useless. Go figure it’s not an election year.

    • I am working with a state senator to introduce legislation to regulate DCF and have some accountability for them. (Hi Lori). Anyone who has had problems/concerns, please contact me. I am aware of at least one child dying and 4 parents, one of which the origional substantiation was later overturned and the children returned to the surviving parent. I am working on a memorandum right now and would like to hear from people.

  4. dcf of vermont is kid napping my two kids the sociol worker at the willison vermont office. dcf needs to be suied.all the social worrkers at the willison vermont office needs to be fired fronm there jod like rae martin.the social workers at the willison vermont office are kid napping social workers they kid nap kids.dcf should be close down.

  5. I would love to leave some words here about our “loving” vt dcf workers: I fully think that mrs. sue lohoko should take a couple of these test! an a damn lie detecter on top of those other test, just for good measure! you see this lovely women an another lady who is appartently not working for them any more, had the nerve to steal my children on the night of dec first! i have two boys an a girl, with my boyfriend. sue knows she messed up an i still think its a pissing match. she has never really liked me, an has the balls to lie to my face! both “ladys” took our kids, we had to come back from claremont to reading vt. along with two male state police! sue stated we were all homeless, how the hell are my kids homeless when we lived with my boyfriends parents sence aug of “07”. the grandparents have temt costody right now. an we still dont have our kids yet cause we have to finish classes an get housing, Dcf has us do all this running an want us to get housing?! dcf you suck, an your wrong!

  6. The Washington County DCF of Vermont stole my kids away from because i let my children go to their fathers parents house for the weekend. While they were there my younger daughter got a bruise on her thigh while playing with her sister and her grandfather. DCF got involved and decided it was child abuse (without proper investigation). The judge ordered me not to let the childre be alone with their grandparents. One day we ( myself & the gradparents) were picking my older daughter up from the bus stop and she did not want to ride in my car she wanted to ride with her Grammy and Papa so i let her and i followed close behind. The grandparents live 5 minutes away. DCF had found out about the car ride and took my children from me. After about 8 months of DCF keeping my children away from me, DCF gave custody of my children to the grandparents (the ones they werent supposed to be alone with). Now i face losing my parental rights because i live in my mother’s 3 bedroom house. DCF is the black market for babies!! STOP THEM BEFORE MORE CHILDREN AND FAMILIES SUFFER!!!

  7. im getting ready to sue lamoille county dcf for neglecting me in foster care when i was a child. alot of people neeed to jump on the bandwagon

  8. Kellie From Vermont

    So perhaps it’s time to update this list, it seems as though more people should be added but some should be taken off, for example, Steve Dale is no longer the commissioner. Perhaps should social workers be required to take a lie decetors test, I think probation officers should be required to take a drug test. The problem with these tests, especally lie decetors is that they are not admissible in court, which means the judge won’t “listen” to the results. Judges do however “listen” to social workers and take what they say to be “the truth” over what the parent of the child is saying. I don’t disagree with your general idea, “Vermont social workers should take lie dectors tests” but just posting blogs about it is not going to make the system change. Vermont is in a great place right now with our new Govenor to start having “the people” reform the system so it works for them.

    I’m intrested in hearing more from laurey, I see that you asked people to contact you, but I’m not sure where to find your contact information.

    I tryed to get DCF to remove my son from an abusive home for several years and they did nothing, I have a lot of anger towards the system. I would like for people to e-mail me there personal stories, as i don’t understand why dcf can remove some kids so quickly from some homes and leave other kids in abusive homes. So i’d like to hear personal stories from people about how and why thier kids were taken away or removed from thier home.

    I would also encourage the creator of this blog to contact me. Perhaps we can hold a statewide meeting for all the parents who feel wronged by DCF. As Shannon Evert stated “alot of people need to jump on the bandwagon”However, I think we need to do it together as our message will come across alot stronger.

  9. Hello,
    My name is Randy and I am in the state of Florida. I am having issues with DCF as well. Your blog is very informative and I like your outlines. I too would be willing to pay for testing for DCF workers: however I know they would never agree. I would like to use this outline for a blog asking the local DCF workers to take a polygraph test if that is okay. .

  10. I was victimized by the addison cty DCF, BY , Stacey brickel, jean stone, & Brenda ghouly. Stacey made up a fake report on me, asked her maybe she was in a hurry to , or made a mistake(all on emails) Never got the meeting, cas the judge immediately took dcf off the case, & gave her to mom, who never even brought her to doctors appointments, smothered her. The list goes on! The judge goes to me, well you dont want to see your baby in foster care, do you? I was taking care of my baby every night, & 5 days during the week, & they turned the story into that i was over exposing my daughter to over medical care! Mean while my wife was having an afair. The courts will not let me talk to them(courts) My lawyer asked to be taken off the case.(gave him like $20,000.) I ask for help, & i cannot even get a social worker. I have everything documented, & each day it gets worse! Not 1 phiechietrist in the state will get involved! Anyone who works for the state is afraid of their jobs. What am i supposed to do? I have had no contact with my baby in 5-6 months! They have me so busy with paperwork. I was supposed to fill some paperwork out to the attorney general of medicare fraud, & i need help with that, & a ton of everything else. OH, i AM IMAGINING ALL THIS! I have it all onm emails, pictures, u name it.

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