This Is How DCF And The Courts In Vermont Work!



11 responses to “This Is How DCF And The Courts In Vermont Work!

  1. Danielle Bean

    I am a 31 yr old single mother, 6 weeks ago my 3 children, 6 mos, 2 1/2 yrs and 11 yrs were taken from me by Morrisville Vt DCF office. The allegations were very extensive by my ex’s mother, i was also accused of being under the influence of a controlled substance that same day, May 15th. However, the urinalysis test i took that same day was NEGATIVE for the drug i was accused of being “high” on. I am a recovering addict of 3 yrs. Now DCF is saying i have to go to inpatient rehab when i have not been using and they have not once given me an official urinalysis in the whole time my kids have been gone. I have missed many firsts of my now 7 month old daughter such as crawling etc. I feel like DCF has kidnapped my children from me. The lady who made all these reports of me is now telling people she never made reports against me and that she thinks i am a great mother. How the hell can DCF get away with this. I will win my case and I will sue the state of vermont for the pain and suffering they have made my children and I go through. The state of Vermont has traumatized my kids and i feel as I am being victimized and I will do something about it. They messed with the wrong mamma this time!

  2. Please contact me.

    • i think your right the state of vermont took my son 5 yrs ago he was out of control but i fought for him to come home for five yrs and now he is adopted the day they had me sign my right over i was under alot of stress i had at least 4 nervus brake downs and i am now back on ssi and i did not leave my house for 3 yrs i hated leaving anywhere and blamed my self for all these yrs i would love to sue the state of vermont for what they have done to me and my family my son has not seen his whole family for 5 yrs adn i love my son very much and hate that they did what they did to me and my family and then in jan they took my daughter and she wasgoing to come home to me and they desided to tell me her dad was more safe and stable then me he does dfrugs and drinks and i let her live with him a yr and she did not go to schoolo for a full month cause he did not send her and now she is not going home to him either and the stat of vermont lies thru there teeth and states that the mother is always in the wrong well ithink if they dont live with you they should not judge anyone they are the right person that should judge anyone i have wrote letters and emails to the gov but i got no here awhen they took my son they told me it was temp and he would be home soon i wish they had stuck their nose out of my life they take the kids away from moms that dont hurt their children and leave the ones who beat and abuse their kids home with them so i think the state needs a hit right back and they will have to pay back for all the pain they cause

  3. Almost 7 months later and corrupt vermont dcf still have my children, whom beg to come home with me every visit we have!

  4. It's Legalized Child Abduction

    About 6 weeks after my husband and I met in Feb of 2009, his ex came forward claiming to be pregnant. She is has a history of drug use and lost the baby at birth to DCF. DCF took 4 months to prove paternity. The baby was promised to the adoptive foster family and is still in custody at 18 months old. Now the case is moving to TPR despite our exhausting attempts to bring her home to her dad and I and my two children. There is absolutely NO Reason that this child should not have been placed with us at the very moment her mother gave up the Fight.
    This is LEGALIZED CHILD ABDUCTION! Here are some of the examples of violations DCF has made to my husband and his daughter’s basic human right to be treated with respect and dignity.
     DCF has NOT been working toward reunification. From the beginning they have promised my step- daughter to the foster family.
     DCF has restricted home visits to the downstairs only in my home, stating that I was “Not to get to comfortable” “She’s not your’s yet”
     Lisa Johnson of Burlington DCF told my husband that he was responsible for his daughter having had 14 ear infections within a period of 9 months because he “knowingly impregnated a known drug addict”.
     DCF has informed me that my husband that he is not to refer to myself as “daddy” to his baby girl because it confuses her; she apparently calls her Foster Father “Daddy”.
     Lisa Johnson has stated to me that I am nothing more than a playmate to my daughter and that when she see’s me that she is more interested in the room that we visit in, her toys or our pets than in me.
     DCF has not informed me of my daughter’s doctor’s appointments as ordered by the court.
     DCF has restricted me from having all of the home visits ordered by the court. On 8 different occasions DCF has demanded that if I wanted to see my daughter on that I would have to go to DCF to see her.
     DCF threatened me that if I did not “Bond with my daughter with in 15 minutes of our visit that they would take her and leave”.
     Lisa Johnson has repeatedly defamed my character to my health care providers, Easter Seals, DCF Contracted workers, the foster parents, and the courts by feeding them lies with the intent to assassinate my husband’s character.
     Lisa Johnson of DCF has an overall demeaning tone with my husband; she raised her voice and belittles him in an attempt to provoke anger. She thinks that she can push this very gentile man to a breaking point so that she can claim that he has anger management issues and then claim that he is a danger to his child.
     The only thing that DCF has to hold against us is the amount of time which has passed, allowing his daughter to bond with the foster family. DCF has intentionally dragged this case out knowing that time was on their side and not on ours. I think we should all get together and file a class action suite against the state of Vermont. Maybe Dateline NBC would like to lead the way in this investigation.

  5. I am a German and I am living in Germany.
    My name is Pia Mayne. I was married to an American. He left me in 1998 and went back to the states. He left me 300, 000 Euro debts. But this is an other story.

    In July 2006 I let my son and my daughter,at that time were 18 and 13 visit my Ex-husband because we, my husband now and me thought they have a right to spend time with him what ever he did.

    The mess started in the first week, my daughter stopped talking to me. She changed more than 100 %. She got brainwashed. Two weeks before they were supposed to come home my ex husband informed me my kids do not want to come home to Germany.

    Hell started, we called White House, ICE, Border Control, embassy’s here in Germany and in the states. They all told me don’t worry, they will be send home anyway because they entered the states with a German passport. Well it was not like they said because my son came home a half year later he got sick of the games my ex husband was playing.

    My daughter is still there. She got totally brainwashed.
    I involved National Center for Missing and Explored Child in Alexandra VA Case manager that time was Mr. Jeremy Cassano. We involved an attorney here in Germany. And than in the states, we had a run around. And than after my son came home in February 2007 my ex husband started to run and hide.

    Than the real run around started.

    In April 2008 they could locate him.
    The court papers got served.
    Even after I warned everybody about him and his wife. Nobody even listened to me. My Attorney Mr. Arenstein out of New York told me not to fight all the lies which were told.
    I can prove they put lies in my daughters mouth. The judge Garvan Murtha himself said, you could see there were not Melissas lies. The words were put in her mouth.
    I can even prove that the White River Junction Police Department was lying. The state Department told me all the time they can not locate my ex husband and now all of the sudden and I have this in black and white they said they knew the whole time were he is. But my attorney told me not to fight them lies because it could be that the judge wont even give me visitation rights than.

    Anyway. The US District judge decided my daughter can stay in the states. I could call her after about 3 months long and than they were gone again.

    Now another year later, my daughter had the chance to contact me and she told me she wants to come home. They made her lie in court. They made her say things that were not true.

    BUT now this has happened, they took my ex husbands custody away for my daughter (he never had it – I am the only one with legal custody) and gave it to one of his sisters.
    My daughter got abused by my ex-husbands wife. Melissas only wish and will is, to come home to her mom and to the place were she belongs. But the Aunt she is staying with now is playing another game. Her and my ex-husband having some kind of war games go in on and my daughter is getting used. She does everything so my daughter can’t talk to her social worker or the judge to clear up the lies she said four years ago. Last Tuesday she told her Aunt and her Uncle she wants to come home but her Aunt still didn’t bring her to the judge or the social worker. She is very sorry but she was told to say them things. Anyway. She wants to come home but the social worker there Mrs. Ammanda Grimms recommends without even knowing me she didn’t even know I exist I think that, my daughter has to stay in that house suppose to do a therapy there and she should wait to come back till she is 18. A Court in the states overruled my German custody paper. And now a social worker is keeping my daughter against her will in the states. PLEASE I need your help. My daughter wants to come home and I fear for her live there because my ex husband is very dangerous please. Nobody believed me than and now my daughter got abused. They put bleach over her head. Her Stepmother took showers with her telling her she doesn’t know how to wash and — I don’t even want to talk about it. Please believe me now – this is no good place for my daughter. NO GOOD PLACE AT ALL. And the house she is staying now isn’t either. This people are all crazy. Her uncle is mentally ill. They living with four grown ups men and her aunt and her and her stepsister and some grand children in one house.
    I am a German, I work for the same company now for 30 years. I have a big home a house – I have stable life. My daughter’s brother is here and she wants to come home.

    My daughter is now with people she hardly knows:
    Mr Henry and Mrs Konya Hartley, 34 dickinson rd, Marlborough Ct, 06447.

    Her social worker is Amanda Grimms Tel 860 638 2166

    Probate Court Marlborough Conneticut Tel 860 295 6239 Case Number 10 00045.

    Somebody needs to talk to this probate Court case Number 10 00045 and need to tell the judge my daughter needs to go out of there now and she needs to be with her mother. I tried to talk to this social worker yesterday; she doesn’t even listen to me. She don’t know me she doesn’t even talk to me. Please, my daughter is also a German citizen. She lived in Germany till she left than. PLEASE, I am begging you help me – my daughter needs to come home now. Not in 90 days not in 30 days and definitely not in a year. Her wish is to come home now. They hold her against her will. Please I need your help.

    My daughter wants to come home and finish her school here.
    School here starts in August. They messing up Melissas live again because of selfishness.
    The only thing they keep Melissa is for welfare, housing and a payback to my ex husband that is what they doing.

    PLEASE STOP IT AND help me to get my daughter out of the justice jungle in the states. And the family war games. She does not belong in the states

    Thank you for taken your time to read this…. But I also NEED YOUR HELP
    If someone could just help me to get her in a private talk with a judge and hear the whole story and what truly happened there is no way anyone would make her stay where she is now and would allow her to return home.

    Pia Mayne
    Am Sandrain 6
    64397 Modautal
    Phone 0496254942629

  6. in 2008 I had a hearing in Vermont, my case was a hague case – after 2 years running and hiding they were able to serve the papers – well way to late – but anyway – the judge Mr. Garvan Murtha (Vermont Disctrict Court Brattelboro) didnt even want to hear my side of the story, cause I am not an american. If my oldest son would been able to testify like it was planed, we could get rid of all the lies made infront of court – all of them! The night before we had the hearing, my attorney called and told – it was more a threat – me we will not fight against it, cause than it could be i even loose visitation rights !!!!! I can prove Mrs. Moffit from the US State Department lied. I can prove the police Department in White River Junction lied. Nobody wants to listen to me.

    And now I am in the same shit again – even worse. Now I woman who I do not even known, just saw her one time 30 minutes has my daughter – people with no own home!!!!! People with no income!!!!!! A crazy woman! and a unstabil mentaly sick man!!!! and the DCF Socialworker from Marlborough Conneticut doesnt want to listen again – my attorney from 2008 doesnt answer my calls – doesnt answer my emails – AND THE JUDGE who did the wrong decision in the first place now, says it is not his place to do anything….

  7. This is amazing!!! There are so many people who should be aware of this site. Perhaps a poster should be on every DCF buliten board regarding this site. I have contacted every state rep, gov, etc., in regards to the inappropriate behaviors of DCF, and they have no balls to respond. They continually manufacture lies, mis-represent a childs best interests, and are extremely prejudice. I will collect my facts in the next few days and be happy to share with any of you out there in the same situation.

  8. DCF took my newborn daughter two days after she was born. This was last June. Since then I’ve had only supervised visits. DCF told me from the beginning if I was ever sick to please cancel the visit so as not to get my baby sick. In November 2010 I had to cancel a visit with my baby due to illness. They held it against me. On several occasions my daughter has shown up to visits filthy and when complain about it they just brush it aside. They also accused me of dropping my baby during a visit. Thats a bald-faced lie. I’ve jumped through hoops for these people. DCF is a bunch of money hungry bullies.

  9. HALLO, for my daughter it is to late……..BUT for all the other stories I read here and for the future…. HOW ABOUT ACTUALY DOING SOMETHING …how about getting together and do something…. LAUREY CAN YOU PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY
    we need to act …..

  10. My name is Brittany and I am writing this in complete and total desperation. DCF got involved in my life about a year ago. They were going for a TPR (termination of parental rights) BEFORE SHE WAS EVEN BORN. Meaning…before I was even a parent they went for a TPR. That is not even the half of it. I have been through hell and back and done nothing but tread water while they undermine all my efforts to “Accept their help” and have an attorney that’s so afraid of them herself that the judge only hears their side and not mine. It all boils down to money. If I had a decent, no even so-so lawyer, this would not even be happening. I am running out of time. I have e-mailed, and called, and written to every single person and orginization I can find. I still stand here at the end of my rope, alone, hunted, and scared. If you or anyone you know can help..please, contact me at I would greatly appreciate your help, as would my daughter and the rest of my family. Sincerley, Brittany Carroll

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