Monthly Archives: June 2010

Sorry To All

I have not been on in a long time.  I have had a hell of a time in life and with the pigs. I lost just about everything but!

I can say that there is a place on the net that called AFRA (American Family Rights Association ) Lenard, Is A good friend and has a lot of info on his site on just how to fight the kidnappers!

But if they have your kids you’re in deep CRAP! If they don’t have them! Get the hell out of that state! Pack your family and go! Before the DCF Pigs Get you into a corrupt court and take them! Then get their BIG money to Adopt them out, Or kill them. And that does happen all too much. DCF Will protect your kids to DEATH. And at the least destroy your family and everything they touch. Just one rule. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THEM EVER! EVERYTHING THEY SAY AND DO IS A LIE! and please tell everyone that you know to check out my site here on world press. And this is the link to A.F.R.A Good Luck All I’ll post more on here tomorrow