Sorry To All

I have not been on in a long time.  I have had a hell of a time in life and with the pigs. I lost just about everything but!

I can say that there is a place on the net that called AFRA (American Family Rights Association ) Lenard, Is A good friend and has a lot of info on his site on just how to fight the kidnappers!

But if they have your kids you’re in deep CRAP! If they don’t have them! Get the hell out of that state! Pack your family and go! Before the DCF Pigs Get you into a corrupt court and take them! Then get their BIG money to Adopt them out, Or kill them. And that does happen all too much. DCF Will protect your kids to DEATH. And at the least destroy your family and everything they touch. Just one rule. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THEM EVER! EVERYTHING THEY SAY AND DO IS A LIE! and please tell everyone that you know to check out my site here on world press. And this is the link to A.F.R.A Good Luck All I’ll post more on here tomorrow


9 responses to “Sorry To All

  1. The DCF is corrupt

    are social workers part of dcf because im in a bad situation with those corrupt devils right now

  2. I am a German and I am living in Germany.
    My name is Pia Mayne. I was married to an American. He left me in 1998 and went back to the states. He left me 300, 000 Euro debts. But this is an other story.

    In July 2006 I let my son and my daughter,at that time were 18 and 13 visit my Ex-husband because we, my husband now and me thought they have a right to spend time with him what ever he did.

    The mess started in the first week, my daughter stopped talking to me. She changed more than 100 %. She got brainwashed. Two weeks before they were supposed to come home my ex husband informed me my kids do not want to come home to Germany.

    Hell started, we called White House, ICE, Border Control, embassy’s here in Germany and in the states. They all told me don’t worry, they will be send home anyway because they entered the states with a German passport. Well it was not like they said because my son came home a half year later he got sick of the games my ex husband was playing.

    My daughter is still there. She got totally brainwashed.
    I involved National Center for Missing and Explored Child in Alexandra VA Case manager that time was Mr. Jeremy Cassano. We involved an attorney here in Germany. And than in the states, we had a run around. And than after my son came home in February 2007 my ex husband started to run and hide.

    Than the real run around started.

    In April 2008 they could locate him.
    The court papers got served.
    Even after I warned everybody about him and his wife. Nobody even listened to me. My Attorney Mr. Arenstein out of New York told me not to fight all the lies which were told.
    I can prove they put lies in my daughters mouth. The judge Garvan Murtha himself said, you could see there were not Melissas lies. The words were put in her mouth.
    I can even prove that the White River Junction Police Department was lying. The state Department told me all the time they can not locate my ex husband and now all of the sudden and I have this in black and white they said they knew the whole time were he is. But my attorney told me not to fight them lies because it could be that the judge wont even give me visitation rights than.

    Anyway. The US District judge decided my daughter can stay in the states. I could call her after about 3 months long and than they were gone again.

    Now another year later, my daughter had the chance to contact me and she told me she wants to come home. They made her lie in court. They made her say things that were not true.

    BUT now this has happened, they took my ex husbands custody away for my daughter (he never had it – I am the only one with legal custody) and gave it to one of his sisters.
    My daughter got abused by my ex-husbands wife. Melissas only wish and will is, to come home to her mom and to the place were she belongs. But the Aunt she is staying with now is playing another game. Her and my ex-husband having some kind of war games go in on and my daughter is getting used. She does everything so my daughter can’t talk to her social worker or the judge to clear up the lies she said four years ago. Last Tuesday she told her Aunt and her Uncle she wants to come home but her Aunt still didn’t bring her to the judge or the social worker. She is very sorry but she was told to say them things. Anyway. She wants to come home but the social worker there Mrs. Ammanda Grimms recommends without even knowing me she didn’t even know I exist I think that, my daughter has to stay in that house suppose to do a therapy there and she should wait to come back till she is 18. A Court in the states overruled my German custody paper. And now a social worker is keeping my daughter against her will in the states. PLEASE I need your help. My daughter wants to come home and I fear for her live there because my ex husband is very dangerous please. Nobody believed me than and now my daughter got abused. They put bleach over her head. Her Stepmother took showers with her telling her she doesn’t know how to wash and — I don’t even want to talk about it. Please believe me now – this is no good place for my daughter. NO GOOD PLACE AT ALL. And the house she is staying now isn’t either. This people are all crazy. Her uncle is mentally ill. They living with four grown ups men and her aunt and her and her stepsister and some grand children in one house.
    I am a German, I work for the same company now for 30 years. I have a big home a house – I have stable life. My daughter’s brother is here and she wants to come home.

    My daughter is now with people she hardly knows:
    Mr Henry and Mrs Konya Hartley, 34 dickinson rd, Marlborough Ct, 06447.

    Her social worker is Amanda Grimms Tel 860 638 2166

    Probate Court Marlborough Conneticut Tel 860 295 6239 Case Number 10 00045.

    Somebody needs to talk to this probate Court case Number 10 00045 and need to tell the judge my daughter needs to go out of there now and she needs to be with her mother. I tried to talk to this social worker yesterday; she doesn’t even listen to me. She don’t know me she doesn’t even talk to me. Please, my daughter is also a German citizen. She lived in Germany till she left than. PLEASE, I am begging you help me – my daughter needs to come home now. Not in 90 days not in 30 days and definitely not in a year. Her wish is to come home now. They hold her against her will. Please I need your help.

    My daughter wants to come home and finish her school here.
    School here starts in August. They messing up Melissas live again because of selfishness.
    The only thing they keep Melissa is for welfare, housing and a payback to my ex husband that is what they doing.

    PLEASE STOP IT AND help me to get my daughter out of the justice jungle in the states. And the family war games. She does not belong in the states

    Thank you for taken your time to read this…. But I also NEED YOUR HELP
    If someone could just help me to get her in a private talk with a judge and hear the whole story and what truly happened there is no way anyone would make her stay where she is now and would allow her to return home.

    Pia Mayne
    Am Sandrain 6
    64397 Modautal
    Phone 0496254942629

  3. Seriously? It is incredibly hard for DCF workers to take a child out of a home. In fact it is a widespread problem, known among the youth service providers across the state that all to often children are left in abusive homes because it does not meet the criteria to take them out. There is obviously some fact about your son, or the home life your son had that you are not reporting, and that is fine. What is not fine is for you to attack DCF in such a disrespectful and childish way. DCF is not corrupt and if you take a chance and try to get to know DCF workers personally you would see the effort they put into their job. Most DCF workers put in 50-75+ hours per week. How many do you put in? (that’s a rhetorical question by the way) Furthermore, DCF workers are not “kidnappers” by taking your child into their care they are adding hundreds if not THOUSANDS of hours of work to their caseload, they do not get paid more for the more kids they take into custody. Why would anyone make so much extra work for themselves? Unless the environment they are in is unsafe, then it is their legal duty to remove the child. If you take the time to look insightfully, and maybe take some responsibility, that you may not have been the parent you wanted to be then that is a really good start. It doesn’t make you a bad person, everyone makes mistakes and to forgive oneself one must acknowledge what they have done wrong, whether it’s small or big, whether it hurts someone or not. You can change, your son can change, and DCF will HELP you and your son to change, but only if you let them. By calling DCF terrorists, kidnappers, and other awful names you only push them away and make them want to help you and your son less. They still have too, but to what extent? The more you abuse DCF the less the less they will help you.
    Think about how this effects your child? Does he know you made a website calling 10 DCF employees (including the Commissioner, who isn’t invloved directly in cases by the way)

    Please take a look at the website above, and ask yourself, would kidnappers do this?

    • What are you a DCF Worker? The reason I ask is because your IP address is from VT DCF. Anyway The reason that DCF workers put in so much time is that it takes so much work from the corrupt pigs to take kids, get all there lies and corrupt friends together. And get paid to adupt them out to the high bidder! And also I am sorry that I only named 10 DCF pigs. I am corrected by you! SORRY. They are all corrupt and should be locked up. Now when you have time ask your DCF friends that you think are so great. How much money did they get for you. And also ask them if they get money from the state and Goverment, as an incentive to take kids. This is a fact that you and DCF friends don’t talk about. I am sure that they didn’t tell you that. So why don’t you get your facts before you open your mouth! And just one more thing, YOU DON’T KNOW A THING ABOUT ME OR MY SON! So craw back under that rock with the DCF pigs. Have a nice day!

  4. bullshit…. sorry to use that word, but I had a very nice interview via phone cause I am in Germany with a DCF worker. I thouhg she is different – bullshit. I gave her all kinds of evidence, all kinds of emails, a social worker here would never leave my daughter in a house of drug abusers loosers and tax payer useres. THIS SOCIAL WORKER DIDNT EVEN BOTHER TO SEND ME A COPIE OF HER STATEMENT SHE HAD TO DO FOR THE JUDGE – SHE TOLD ME IF I HAVE ANY QUESTION GIVE HER A CALL – BULLSHIT THIS SOCIALWORKER DIDNT EVEN TAKE ONE MINUTE TO ANSWER MY EMAILS….

    They let my daugher live with white trash. These are people woh have not even a own home…. they own nothing…. they just busy giving other people a hard time ….. they even involve an inecent 6 year old boy who has nothing to do with their low life shit…. they crazy discusting and they make me sick…… they do not work… at all… they owe so many people money …. they invite a 17 year old boy to smoke dope… they distroied a brother sister relationship…. this are idiots and they are beyond being wihte trash… and I DID PROOF EVERY SINGLE FAKT——

  5. My husband and I are trying to sue the state of VT because they also took our children illegally. We have talked to a lawyer and she agrees that DCF did NOT have the right to take them. We feel that there is power in numbers and would like to get a group of people together to fight with us. Please feel free to email me at if you are willing to stand up for your kids and teach DCF a lesson they should have learned a long time ago. Thanks,

  6. im a mom of 3 dcf in addison took my children .ive done every thing to get my kids back ,ive done everything they asked me to do .its still not a nuff . i cry my self to sleep every nite they have placed my 2 girls with 2 man witch relly bothers son hasent been able to see his 2 sisters in a year ,dcf thinks they can lie and make your life misable they dont care vthat my kids are hurting they havent seen me in 5 months ,a heart broken mom that wont give up ever.please help us fight against dcf they take the wrong children.

  7. DCF, Addison county. They, or Stacey Brickel took my baby from me! Made false allegations. I even nicely emailed her, & told her maybe she , by mistake hastedly wrote up her report.(it was done in less than 12 hours) In the report it said i was sufferring from severe paranoia,& exposing my baby to medical over-exposier!, OH, & I PUKE 5 TIMES A DAY?!!!!, & my baby pukes 5-10 times a day. I brought my baby to the hosp., & they diagnosed her with pnuemonia. We went home, & next day, called 911, cas my baby was shivering with high temp. of above 104. the ambulance came, n they would not let me ride with her! I followed, after filling her suitcase, (maybe 10 min.,they told me to take my time?!) I get up to the hospital, & my baby is sick! iI go over , & wash my hands, & see the ems report., with temp of 106, & put it in my pocket, so i could make copies for wife. After 5-6 hours, baby’s temp. dropps a little, after she puked. The doctor comes in, ask where mom is? I go dont know? (for 4 months she gave me a fake fone #)
    Doctor goes we r going to let your baby out, even though she still has a little high temp., but puking made her feel better enough to start showing off, to the nurses.(my baby had no mother figure, cas she gave her up to me on weekends, & Wed. FOR PLAYGROUP, WHILE MOM WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR) I told the DR. we will be back. He goes how u know that? I go , i know my baby! Well we go home, later i give my baby a bath, then we sit down, & eat a super. She’s gigalling, having fun, n i notice she starting to shake again? I go , honey r u cold? r u alright? “oh, Yes daddy” I immediately called 911, & was very calm, not to get my baby scares, n told them to get back over here! This time 1 of the staff starts questioning my abilitys, like when the last time i gave her meds, & ect. They noticed their paperwork of 106 degrees, n took it from me. OH, dont worry we will give it back to you. (they did not know i had made copies) Still told me to take my time, & no i could not ride in the ambulance. This time they admitted her.
    Im going on with out sleep for 2.5 days. I try to get a hold of mom, called all her friends. Finally she arrives, 6-7 hours later. I go where u been? She goes, we(SVP DID NOT KNOW WHERE U WERE? She knew, then she goes well i wanted to go home, & get sippy bottles!) WE ARE AT THE HOSPITAL. THEY DO HAVE SIPPY BOTTLES, & my wife is an LNA! sO THE HOSPITAL NEXT DAY(NOT KNOWING I HAD COPIES OF EVERYTHING, SAID SHE HAD A MILD TEMP, & IT WAS ROSILIA, & to expect a rash. No rash!( MUCH LONGER STORY) bEFORE THAT IT WAS MOUYH FOOT DISEASE, THEN HIVES, which the school pointed out to my wife, but she said it was the other way around, So then later on a few months my wife illegally takes my baby to the Dr. without notifying me.(thats against the law) Well the dr. gave her med. that she was allergic to, & caused sever , super diarea. NOTE, the omly person i told was my lawyer, if i ever again see my baby sick, or stick her finger in her mouth to puke!, i will take her to a different hospital out of town.
    Guess what! She puked once, then later eat a few bites of food, & the diarea was so bad, it went thru 3 blankets. I bring her to the hospital, & it was like they were waiting for me. Doctor goes do u have the soiled blankets? Yes! Oh, dont worry about them. THEN HE GOES DO U WANT ME TO CALL DCF UP.i GO YES, PLEASE. tHEN HE WALKS OUT, & MY BABY HAS DIAREA FROM ONE BITE OF A FORTUNE COOKIE! The nurse comes in, & goes, ill take that diaper. I go , no the dr. wants to see it. He comes back(nurse), goes no he doesnt want to see it
    What i did not realize was he called the pediatricians office, & my wife at the time, & supposedly offered me a mental evaluation! HE NEVER EVER TOLD ME ANY OF THAT! week later i asked for the paperwork, n they go u cant have it! you r no longer the father! Iam not to inteligent, but i went on line, & downloaded a bunch of OCR , PAPERWORK, & DRESSED UP, & WENT TO THE RECORDS DEPT, & ASKED FOR MY BABIES PAPERWORK. tHE WOMEN GOT SCARED WEN SHE saw all the paperwork, & goes do you work for the OCR? I go NO, NOW I WILL TAKE MY BABIES PAERWORK, & she gave it to me, after i signed for it. Thats where i found all the lies from this dr, & nurse. Funny, my lawyer couldnt get it, but i could? ANYWAY, I KNEW , DCF, would be knocking on my door the next day. THIS IS WHERE THEY STOLE MY BABY! A LOT MORE TO TELL, BUT I DONT HAVE THE TIME. The judge dismissed DCF, & NOW I HAVE NOT SEEN MY BABY FOR CLOSE TO 6 MONTHS. tHEY HAVE CANCELED 3 STATUS CONFERENCES, SO NOW MY LAWYER WITHDREW FROM THE CASE, & TOLD THE COURTS I AM REPRESENTING MY SELF!?!!! jUST LAST WEEK MY PHIECHIETRIST GOES HERE TAKE THESE PILLS THEY WILL HELP YOU SLEEP. TURNS OUT IT WAS NOT SLEEPING PILLS, BUT MEDICINE FOR SKTOFRANIA, HALUNATING CRAP, BAD FOR PEOPLE WITH HEART DISEASE, LEUKEMIA, & EVERYTHING IM ON, OR HAD, I MEAN. IT IS NOT JUST DCF. I HAVE THE PROOF, ALL THE EMAILS, PICTURES OF BURN MARKS, EVEN A PHOTO FROM THE FREEPRESS. now, THE PART U NEVER HEARD OF, MY Wife puts a blanket over my babies face to stop her from crying, @ 4 months old?
    I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU! bUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO? the few people who helped me resign a day later, wifes lawyer got promoted to the governors lawyer(just coincidental) I have over 20 thousand hours into this mess, & i cant even talk to my baby, cas she doesnt know how to use a phone, @ 3 years old! mom wont tell her i call her everyday. I dont know what to do! Plus my child support is more than what i make, or will be! any comments appreciated! any law students?

  8. Well now it has been over , (well over) 6 months since i have seen my little baby girl! I had disability of Vt., their lawyer backing me up, so i thought, until i gave my lawyer permission to talk with AJ Rueben, the disability lawyer. Now my lawyer got off the hook, & no longer has to help me?
    They want me to represent myself? After months of trying to get a social worker, I found a women, that i think might help me(i hope) I do not want to give out her name, because i do not want to see her lose her job, like others in the past that have helped me.
    Back to my baby. Mom, since my lawyer was able to stop representing me, has not let r baby talk to daddy(me) now for over 2 months. She now is 3 years old. Mom has a new man in her life, actually she had this man while we were married. It is all on facebook. DCF , was saying my baby was shutting down, due to me! Now , remember my baby was 2 years old, yes she was shutting down, when ever i was driving her back to mommy, & the same goes for the DCF department when they would take my baby back to day-care, & my baby did not want to leave me. Stacey Brickel, & Jean Stone , are liers. If you are a man, forget it! Get out of this state, before DCF, ever gets involved, or kiss your babies good-bye forever! This just the tip of the ice burg! BEWARE! THEY ARE NOT LOOKING AFTER THE WELL BEING OF THE CHILD! Even our pediatricain always told me, “OH CALL DCF”, well i did, & now i am sufferring everyday. One therapist even told me to move on?!!!, forgive, & forget. You know what, its been 2 months, since i talked to him, & he was right. I now must think of me, & my health as much as this hurts me to say this. I still have a good few months left to fight the system, so i am not quite ready to give up. No one should have to go through what i have been through, , & then all the money, & time! ADDISON COUNTY DCF, CORRUPT? YOU TELL ME. I was the one who asked for their help! DO NOT ASK THAT DEPARTMENT FOR HELP! RUN!!!!

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